Go Hard AND Go Home

The mountain calls...

whether it is the view on top,

or the run to the bottom,

the mountain calls...

Snap Evac™ -The Evacuation Sled

Snap Evac


This is one of those no-brainer, must have in my pack items.

Drew - Back Country Skier

 I don't know why everyone wouldn't have one.  I'd carry this in addition to my professional rescue gear in the event of multiple casualties.

Paul - SAR (Search and Rescue)

It makes me feel safer knowing my wife has has a way out to get herself out.

Shannon - Spouse of Back country skier

SNAP directly into AT bindings

Assembles in less than 90 seconds

Less than 9 ounces

Base can be used for many functions

Easily secure to your own pack

No small parts to loose in the snow

The Only Self Evac Tool

Help your friends... help yourself...have options...

The Evolution of Snap Evac

Be the sled

On a heli-ski trip years ago, one of the guides asked the question: How are you getting out?

After listening to him talk about holes in our skis, and assembling small parts in the snow...  There had to be a better way!

In 2017 we successfully tested our first AT version with back country skiers and guides, and the Snap Evac performed well above safety markers for stress/yield tests of up to 250lbs.

Integral to our design of the Snap Evac is its ability to act as the base structure for other transportation needs as well.  Snap Evac is an essential tool that gives you options in the back country.

In 2018 our R+D team found that despite whatever rescue gear was currently being used, our device was light enough that was considered an essential time saving tool combined with other professional gear .

To save even more time and weight, we were asked to develop a pro model that would include a bivy wrap to protect against hypothermia.

We were approved for the Snap Evac™ Patent in 2019 and continue to develop new versions with even more versatility.

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